Benefits of Being a Member

The MDBBA is comprised of attorneys for debtors and/or creditors, as well as their support staff, across the Middle District of Pennsylvania. There are several benefits to joining the Middle District Bankruptcy Bar Association. For one, the association offers both social and networking events, which can be a great opportunity for lawyers to meet and connect with others in the industry. Additionally, the association offers six hours of free continuing legal education courses only to members, which provides six of the tweleve credits needed each year. Finally, the association hosts an annual conference, which is be a valuable opportunity for lawyers to learn from industry experts, connect with colleagues, and stay current on the latest trends and issues in the field.


Levels of Membership

All memberships come with the same benfits, but the pricing will vary.  Current pricing can be seen on the online store.

Regular Members: Attorneys practicing more than five years
Associate Members: Attorneys practicing less than five years
Legal Aid Members: Attorney working for legal aid organization
Support Staff Members: Support staff of a current Member