Paralegal Track:  June 6, 2022 (Original Air Date) 

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Title: Completing Bankruptcy Schedules
Presenters: Dorothy Mott, Esquire & Kathryn Greene, RP®, Pa.C.P., Paralegal
Credit: n/a
Description: This session covers the do’s and dont’s of completing the bankruptcy petition schedules in a
consumer bankruptcy.
Title: Means Testing
Presenter: James Jones, Esquire & Amy Powell, Paralegal
Credit: n/a
Description: This session will examine who needs to file a means test, what information is needed, and how
to best support a client’s position regarding the means test.
Title: Preparing the Chapter 13 Plan
Presenters: Tracy Updike, Esquire
Credit: n/a
Description: This session will review the elements of the Middle District Chapter 13 Plan, and how to
successfully navigate through a chapter 13 case.

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